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Sunrise Collar

Sunrise Collar

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Size Chart

SIZE                                               NECK                                  TOTAL LENGTH
XS                                               UP TO 11IN                                    15-16IN
S                                                 UP TO 13IN                                    19-20IN
M                                                UP TO 15IN                                    22-23IN
L                                                 UP TO 17IN                                    25-26IN
XL                                               UP TO 20IN                                    28-29IN
XXL                                            ABOVE 20IN                                   31-33IN



                                              COLLAR SIZE CHART
SIZE             BIGGEST             ADJUSTED TO TAG HOLDER           SMALLEST
S                       00IN                                         00IN                                      00IN
M                      00IN                                         00IN                                      00IN
L                       00IN                                         00IN                                      00IN
XL                     00IN                                         00IN                                      00IN
XXL                   00IN                                         00IN                                     00IN



SIZE                       HEIGHT                  WIDTH                  CIRCUMFERENCE
S                               5.5IN                       8IN                                  16IN
M                              7IN                          9IN                                  18IN
L                               8.5IN                      10IN                                 20IN
XL                            10IN                        12IN                                 24IN
XXL                          11.5IN                     15IN                                 30IN


Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

Bandanas & Shirts & Totes

Hand wash in cold water and gentle soap. If it is a shirt, turn it inside out prior to washing. Refrain from using fabric softener. Avoid bleach. Hang to dry. If there are wrinkles, you may use an iron once fabric is completely dry.


Hand wash in cold water and gentle soap if needed. Do NOT put in the dryer. Lay flat to dry in a warm/sunny place. Avoid bleach. Do NOT iron, can melt the ripstop.

I use professional grade dye, which is formulated to hold up much longer than dye available at the store (if cared for properly).

I am not responsible for any fading, color bleeding, or other issues that may occur with tie dye.

Water Resistant Tie Dye Collars

Handmade tie dye collars that are perfect for every adventure! Especially the beach and muddy places.

 The exterior is made with ripstop, which is water resistant, tear resistant, easy to clean, quick drying, lightweight, and durable.

 They have a polypropylene webbing, which is known to be water, mildew, and UV resistant, durable, quick drying, lightweight, and has a high melting point.

Another unique aspect of this collar is the tag holder on the back of it! When you attach a leash to the D ring to go for a walk, the D ring/leash moves to the back and the tag swings around to the front. This creates less clutter on the D ring while also allowing your precious tags to still be visible.      

The tag holder is secured in place with pressed rivets.

*I do NOT recommend getting a size where your dogs neck is either the biggest or smallest size listed*


 Additional Info:
The dye I use is non toxic!!!

Care Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water and gentle soap if needed. Hang to dry or lay flat. Do not iron, it can melt the ripstop. 


The waterproof aspect may decrease overtime due to normal wear and tear. This will not affect the quality of the collar or its quick drying abilities. Refunds/replacements will not be given.  


Reach out with any questions!

Thank you 🤍

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